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Plug In Transient, Surge, Lightning, & Spike Protection for ECM Motors

  • Saves Equipment - ECM protectors plug into existing motor connectors or plugs. They help to protect these
    valuable motors from voltage spikes, surges, and transients that often damage them.
  • F-A-S-T Installation - The VZPRO and the XI3PR simply plug in between the motor connector and the existing
    wiring harness. A ground strap with a ring terminal is provided for additional protection.
  • Protect your investment - The most common cause of variable speed (ECM) motor failure is damage to the
    electronics module as a result of poorly conditioned incoming power.

The VZPRO fits GE, Regal-Beloit, GENTEQ 2.0 and newer ECM motors while the X13PR fits X13 and X-Motor ECM motors.

Quick directions: Plug surge protector directly into the motor, then plug motor’s harness into surge protector. Attach green wire to good electrical ground. Use ties to keep the wires away from the fan. Apply Tech sticker.

The green LED monitors incoming power. The yellow LED (when lit) indicates that the motor is receiving 240V.

Download the technical paper on the VZPRO / X13PR
View or download the product flyer
Download the instructions for the VZPRO
Download the instructions for the X13PR
Go to X13PR product listing
Go to VZPRO product listing

VZPRO training video (also for the X13PR only the connectors are different):

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