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The ZebraStat is the flagship of our diagnostic tool line. It is a compact electronic tool that helps to diagnose problems in the low-voltage control circuits of HVAC and refrigeration units. It also acts as a convenient remote control for technicians working in attics, on rooftops, or in basements, where easy access to temperature and system controls is inconvenient.

The ZebraStat's 5 main functions

  1. Simultaneously checks continuity in up to six circuits.
  2. Analyzes/Monitors control signals.
  3. Graphically displays under-voltage conditions.
  4. Remotely controls system from attic, rooftop, basement, etc.
  5. Acts as an automatically resetting circuit breaker for circuit boards.

Control Panel                

The ZebraStat control panel has 4 control/monitor sections:

  • The mode section places the tool in the test mode desired. You can switch between different modes with your test leads hooked up to the system for convenience.
  • The six component switches individually control parts of the system, such as the blower or the reversing valve.
  • The report section contains 13 LED's that report either continuity or power on any of the six test circuits, as well as an indicator for the internal circuit-protection device being tripped.
  • The red voltage section continuously monitors your system's control voltage levels.

The ZebraStat:

  • Is contained in a rugged carry case with hinged lid and secure latch.
  • ZebraStat's test leads are stored inside the case, eliminating tangling.
  • A heavy magnet is mounted to the case back for easy attachment.
  • A retractable hanging hook is built into the case also.
  • A quick instruction card is printed inside the case lid.
  • Is system-powered; no batteries to replace or grow weak.
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty.
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