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The Universal Zebra System

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Adapters Mate the UZ-1 to a Specific Motor

Adapters enable the UZ1 to simply “plug in” to a specific motor series, enabling the Universal Zebra to provide command signal to that motor. The UZ1 has a 36" output harness that has a connector that an adapter simply plugs into. The plug looks just like a modular telephone plug, but a little larger. The other end of the adapter has a special motor plug for that series of motor.

Each adapter is color-coded to match the stripe on its corresponding magnetic overlay (included) for the UZ1 tool that explains what each switch position and LED means for that series of ECM motor.

Adapters provide the ability to turn on and run an ECM motor. The system is able to test run a motor in one or more (up to six) speeds.

The Adapters:

Adapter A

• • • Adapter A (Part # UZHMA) This adapter fits the common GE/Regal-Beloit series 1.6, 2.0 and 2.3 motors. This adapter is equipped with a 16-pin motor plug - 2 rows of 8 pins.

Adapter B

• • • Adapter B (Part # UZHMB) This adapter fits the GENTEQ 3.0 Series motors. It has a 4-pin motor plug.

Adapter C• • • Adapter C (Part # UZHMC) This adapter fits the GE, Regal-Beloit, GENTEQ X-motors, GE X-13 motors, and the Evergreen AH (Not IM) ECM motor. It has a 5-position plug that fits what look like 5 male quick-connects on the motor.

Adapter E• • • Adapter E (Part # UZHME) This adapter fits the ECM 142 multi-speed signal controlled condensing unit fan motors.

Adapter F• • • Adapter F (Part # UZHMF) This adapter fits the EVERGREEN IM motors. (It does not work with the Evergreen AH motor, which is no longer in production). Click here to download special instructions for troubleshooting this motor.



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