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The Universal Zebra System

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What are Power Plugs with Harnesses For?

Motor power plugs with harnesses are necessary when you want to test a motor outside of its air handler/furnace environment. Most ECM motors have special power input plugs, so bench testing can be downright challenging without access to these plugs. The Universal Zebra System provides a wide variety of these special connectors, with more to come.

Broad Overview Video:


Adapter A• • • Motor Power Plug with Harness 1 (Part # UZPH1) This plug and harness fits the common GE/Regal-Beloit/GENTEQ Series 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 and 3.0 motors. It has a 5-pin motor plug (1 row of 5 pins). The motors can be either 120V or 240V, the plug/harness allows you to test any voltage motor with EITHER 120V or 240V on your bench.


Adapter B

• • • Motor Power Plug with Harness 2 (Part # UZPH2) This plug and harness fits all X-MotorsX-13 Motors, and the early Evergreen motors (Evergreen "AH" series). It appears to be a 5-position connector, but actually has one position blocked off.


Adapter B

• • • Motor Power Plug with Harness 3 (Part # UZPH3) This plug and harness fits the ECM 142 style motors found in higher SEER condensing units. They are typically used as multi-speed fan motors. These motors have special right-angled internal connections for the power leads.


Adapter E• • • Motor Power Plug with Harness 4 (Part # UZPH4) This plug and harness fits the newest style of Evergreen motor, called the Evergreen "IM". It is a 4-position connector. Click here to download special instructions for troubleshooting this motor.


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