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Many unit manufacturers are starting to deny warranty claims for misdiagnosed ECM motor problems. After years of giving technicians grace from sending back complete motors, manufacturers now realize that tools exist which can determine which part of a motor requires replacement.

Approximately 30 seconds is needed to administer the SideWinder’s two main tests, which may save you money, hours of work, and possibly an ECM motor claim denial.

The SideWinder's 2 main functions

  1. Uses the motor’s back-EMF generation to display each of the motor’s 3-phase conditions.
    An unlit indicator LED shows faults (shorts or opens) in each phase of the winding section
  2. A second test indicates any shorts between the motor frame and any winding phase.

Control Panel                

The SideWinder's control panel has 1 switch in the 4 LEDs. The three winding phase LEDs (labeled A, B & C) indicate a failed winding section, these 3 LEDs should glow at the same brightness unless a winding section has failed then they will glow differently. The battery level/short to frame LED indicates the battery level when the switch is pressed to the battery level check side, or lights when there is a short to the frame when pressed to the short test side.

SideWinder Features:

  • Fits most ECM winding section connectors with inexpensive adapters available to fit the rest.
  • No external power source needed; 9-volt battery included.
  • One year limited warranty.
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